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Jan '08


Hi this is Akshathkumar Shetty, Bangalore based technologist, travel and photography enthusiast.

Currently, I would like to share my experiences and thought process through this blog. I intend to talk about photography, travel, technology and life in general.

Here; I would love to share the stories behind few of my photographs and even share the process by which I arrive to that photograph.

You may contact me at (akshath [at] gmail [dot] com) or (akshath [at] quickserver [dot] org)

I Love to capture this beautiful world in my camera and share it. My photostream features some of my better photographs, which I have been able to capture. Hope you like them. Here you can read about how I got into photography and my journey so for.

My Main Profession: A Software Developer/Programmer/Project Manager/Banking Software. Have been involved in open source software development and I am proud of my work at

Thanks for visiting.

All photographs displayed here are copyright protected and I own the copyright (unless other wise stated). You may only use it in its original form for personal use on your computer.

The images should not be reproduced, published, transmitted in any forum (even via e-mails/or upload to Orkut/or any other networking sites) or in print or in any other physical or electronic forum either in part or in whole without the explicit written consent from the copyright owner. Legal action will be initiated against any individual, organisation, institution, agency, publishing house, etc. who violate the Copyright laws including but not limited to those mentioned here and use the image for any commercial/non-commercial purposes.

If you would like to use any of the photograph displayed here commercially or would like to use for any other use please do contact me.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Ryan Hinkle Says:

    Hi. I’m an admissions rep here at brooks in california. I was going thru the multitude of alumni websites listed on our alumni page, and came across your site. your pictures are incredible and i send our prospective students who are interested in travel photography to your site many times a day. i get great response from them and you have served as a great example of the quality of work that students can expect to receive from our school. keep up the great work, and i hope to hear back from you at some point!

  2. Einar Says:

    Hello Akshath:
    My wife and I were searching for info about kambala and discovered your amazing site.We throughly enjoyed your kambala pictures and are going to stick around and look at a few more things.
    Life is supposed to be interesting.

  3. achu Says:

    hai… name is achu nursing student…i interested in photography..when i was searching for rain collections ….i coincedently saw your works..aii photoes are good and a life is there….

  4. Quan Says:

    Hi Akshath,

    Your photostream is lively and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m also a Software Developer/Programmer/Project Manager/Securities Software.

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