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Oct '14

Moto360 - A Quick Review

It’s over 7 days now that I have been using #Moto360 on daily basis.. so here is a quick #review ..

Moto 360

It’s a companion device to your Android smart phone. It’s definitely the best looking smart watch and one can feel the quality of craftsmanship from the moment you take it out of its box.

As noted this is a companion and not a primary device.. look at it like how tv remote was to the tv. Till the tv remote was there you would have been happy to walk up to tv for changing channel or volume; but now that you are used to the tv remote you can’t think of using the tv without the remote.

- Very comfortable and high quality product
- Charges quickly and lasts easily for a day with ambient mode off (default)
- Amazing watch faces – you can change daily if you like to match your mood/dress/occasion

- First generation hardware & software (expect bugs)
- Not all apps are ready for smart watch yet (this should improve with time)
- One needs to charge the device every night (will not last more than one day - 20h)
- Right now you cannot turn on ambient mode (keep display on all the time) without draining battery with-in the day.
- Very little strap/colour choices. Steel ones is yet to be available for general public.

- Is it for every one: Not yet
- Should I buy one:  (check if your answer to the following question is yes?)
- Do you like technology and you’re an early adopter?
- Are you an Android Developer? Want to cash-in on by building app for Smart Watch?
- You think removing phone every now and then from your pocket to check any notification is waste of time and are looking to avoid it.

Was it worth it: Yes it was definitely for me. Your mileage may differ. My answers to the above questions.. all 3 is Yes :)

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