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Jun '08

Photography & Me

My name is Akshathkumar Shetty. I am a Bangalore based photography enthusiast specializing in nature and travel photography. Below is a brief story on how I got into photography.

In my school days I was very interested in arts and was regular at drawing, painting classes and used to spend most of my free time on it. I had also won few prizes during that time. During college days; the art part of me slowly took back seat and career took center stage and with time I totally lost touch with the art part of me.

As time passed, I started to get settled in life, started to learn computers. Computers were very interesting to me and I got into programming and developed few open source software and even build a dot com called DigitalDost during the dot com boom with help of few of my friends at my college, I was around 18 then. After this I got a decent job in a software company. Though I enjoyed working in software companies, the software development pressure started getting to me and I was all the time in front of computers either doing office work or doing my personal projects or some open source work ( is on of my proud open source work).

Dead Candle by akshath, on FlickrSo then one day it suddenly occurred to me that I had lost touch with my creative side and was fully into technology. I then decided that I need to get back to my creative side and felt photography would be a good choice. So I immediately went and got a digital point & shoot camera, it was Kodak Z700. That was the turning point in my life. I soon got very interested in the process of image making and art of photography. I started by reading basics online over many photography forums, blogs and tutorials sites and was practicing this over weekends.

days pick | Mumbai Fishermen by akshath, on FlickrBefore I got into photography, I used to never like traveling and within 6 months, every weekend I used to be out visiting some new place and looking for subjects and trying to get a good shot. I started appreciating small things in life, every detail around me was fascinating to my camera and to me. I started talking and making friends with total strangers on streets and when ever I met people. Camera started being an extension of me.

Most of what I have learnt is through Internet and online reading. After over 1.5 year of practicing photography and I upgraded to a Canon 350D – a SLR camera and bought few lenses to go with it. After this I went to one of the photography schools in Bangalore and attended a one-week workshop; I wanted to learn about film and wanted to know how professionals in the field did their stuff and the workshop at BSOAP was useful in that sense. I am now practicing Strobist methods and feel there is a long way to go in my photography journey and I am enjoying every part of it.

MeIt was 2006 when I got my first camera and I have not yet restricted my self with any one kind of photography and I love to shoot all kinds of pictures. I am happy every time I click a photograph where I am able to capture true essence of what I felt in the seen and if I feel I can communicate it back through my pictures. I am passionate both about technology and photography.  I am still working in an IT company and go out and do photography over weekends and when ever I get time.

My photo stream ( features some of my better photographs, which I have been able to capture. I would like to end this with a quote I liked very much (this line is not by me.. but read it some place)

A “good” photograph is a photograph taken when the place/location is at its best. A “great” photo is when it is shot as no one has ever seen it.

15 Responses to “Photography & Me”

  1. Naveen Says:

    Hi Ananth,

    I am Naveen, working in s/w company by profession I am also amateur shutter bug. I got your web link from one of my friend, and I gone through web link, your photos really awesome…! The perfect combination of light and color and I liked the way you have handled the light in your photos.

    Keep clicking….

  2. Hasini Says:

    Hi Akshath,

    I simply adore your captures. Your shots conveys a lot and you are interesting …

    I could see that you are enjoying even the little of bit of life, light and colour around us. And now I too have started smiling and admiring life loads…

    Warm regards,

  3. akshath Says:

    Thanks Naveen and Hasini for your comments. Appreciate you guys taking time to comment here..

  4. Jiju Says:

    Dear Akshath,
    It as a feast to my eyes to see your pictures. Great Job. Keep clicking.
    Jiju 9964067791

    (which lense you use?)

  5. akshath Says:

    Thanks Jiju for your comment..

    >>(which lense you use?)
    I currently use Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG MACRO, Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.5 DC Macro, Canon 50mm 1.8 II on my Canon 350D body.

  6. Praveen Says:

    Hi Akshath,

    Dono what to say because most of the people are photographer & s/w lovers have commented you here am not photographer so to be frank am not that much aware about lense… camera… and all am just a simple guy who is creative lover :-), saw ur creativity on photography it was realy awesome and i enjoyed it lot.

    so keep clicking and keeep smiling :-),

  7. Vish Says:

    Hey Akshath, I’m a photography enthusiast, a mere beginner by every means. I know you through your Flickr photos and it is great to know more about you here. I really enjoy looking at your pictures. I hope to learn more about photography and pursue it as a serious hobby. I also hope to bug you more for help and inputs on becoming a better photographer. :) Keep clicking…!

  8. Akshathkumar Shetty Says:

    Thanks Praveen and Vish for taking time to comment on the page..

    @Vish: please do feel free to contact me.. :)

  9. B.N.Santhosh Kumar Says:

    Hey Akshath,
    I am Overwhelmed to go thru ur photography and never knew u are such an multifaceted personality. I hope u recognised me,..I am also much interested in photography and have been tryig at it…but have no time…
    Ur photos are marvellous and i was very happy to go thru spent nearly 2 hrs on ur photography site, never left a single picture unseen have gone thru all. i would like to buy some. I loved the essence u have focussed on the art, nature and local people, light, shade…Hey BUDDY Keep Going….

  10. akshath Says:

    thanks Santhosh.. yes i fully recognize u buddy. hay its nice to know u r also interested in photography.. we can go out on photography trips together.. :) sure we can get some pics framed for you. keep in touch dude.. thanks for dropping by my blog.. :)

  11. Einar Says:

    Hello again:
    I see I need to stop poking around here and get to your photographs.

  12. praveen Says:

    Hi akshath any recent pic?

  13. akshath Says:

    hay praveen.. yes dude.. check it out at

  14. Kunchala Says:

    Hi these are suppereb Photos,each pic is so unique and lively …

  15. akshath Says:

    Thanks Swetha :)

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