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Jun '08

Kambala - sport/art/passion - A photo documentary

Kambala or Kambla is a famous rural sport, prominent in districts of Udupi and Mangalore in the state of Karnataka in India. Kambala is also known to be held in few northern parts of Kerala like Kasargod.  Kambala is a traditional buffalo race in muddy waters, held from December till March on weekends (sat/sun) every year.

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Kambala is a race between pairs of bullocks, which are rode by a human. The bullocks are tied together with a wooden shaft over their neck. These bullocks are typically dedicated bullocks of the family for the Kambala and are pride of the family.

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Jun '08

Got licensed

I have a good news; one of my images was recently licensed (RM) by Deborah for use on her blog at; below is a screen shot of the blog featuring my image. The original image can be viewed here (or here). This was shot on a moving train on my trip to Gokarna with my BWS gang. The model featured here is Shreelesh; he is one of my good photographer friend and partner in crime in most of the photography trips we go.


This image was sold in par with market rates and has been licensed for online use for 2 years for the blog under RM license. I would like to request the same to everyone don’t under sell your work and make it difficult for other pro photographers out there and never give images for free or for credit or for publicity unless they are a non-for-profit entity like a NGO.

Deborah has a very nice blog; do make sure you check it out at

Note: There are 3 images in total for the header which rotate, mine being one of them. If you don’t see it rotate, hit refresh in your browser.

Jun '08

Help Firefox 3 make a Guinness World Record

Download Day 2008With the release of Firefox 3 on June 17, 2008; Mozilla want to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. You can pledge your support here;

As per the official release Firefox 3 hash more than 15,000 improvements and this version is more faster, safer and smarter than before.

So spread the word around and get ready to get it on June 17 :)

FF3 will be available 10:33 PM of 17 July 2008 in INDIA

Link to download Firefox 3

Take a Tour of Firefox 3

Jun '08

Reshma Gopinath

I recently did a shoot with Reshma Gopinath. She is a professional dancer from Bangalore. She also teaches dance to children at her home. Below are a few shots that have been compiled to video using