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Jan '09

Google Malware Warning - u must be kidding

I was planning to check out Google Maps for India.. since I did not remember the exact url for India Map.. i search it in google.. and to my surprise every page in the result had this line under the link “This site may harm your computer.”

Search Warning

And then I clicked on the link ( and got this page.. i don’t have words to describe this :))

Google Link Warning

guess some one or some thing got screwed badly at gogole .. Hope they find and fix this soon. Users may ignore this and continue for now..

Update: Looks like there are others also who have seen this happen .. reports are coming from all over the net..

Update: the bug is now fixed as per Google.. here is the official entry on their blog

Jun '08

Kambala - sport/art/passion - A photo documentary

Kambala or Kambla is a famous rural sport, prominent in districts of Udupi and Mangalore in the state of Karnataka in India. Kambala is also known to be held in few northern parts of Kerala like Kasargod.  Kambala is a traditional buffalo race in muddy waters, held from December till March on weekends (sat/sun) every year.

(Click on play button to watch the photo video)

Kambala is a race between pairs of bullocks, which are rode by a human. The bullocks are tied together with a wooden shaft over their neck. These bullocks are typically dedicated bullocks of the family for the Kambala and are pride of the family.

More pics and details after the jump…


Mar '08

going for the kill..

so you want it.. you get it ;)

What The Duck

Mar '08

Time to freeze time

Watch this amazing youtube video.. were people join together to freeze Grand Central…

very creative and funny.. enjoyed watching it over again and again.. imagine doing this in India.. ? :)

Talking about creative stuff… i am not a big fan of Microsoft .. but they have started to do some really cool stuff.. at their new initiative ‘Microsoft Research’ .. first there was this incredible Photosynth and then there was Bird’s Eye views and now WorldWide Telescope (soon to be launched)

Do checkout a sneak peek into WorldWide Telescope from Ted

But if you want to explore the skys today.. you should head to Google Sky.. its available right now..

Google Sky

Feb '08

Simplicity in Technology

It is very true that simplicity in technology is very fundamental for any technology to be accepted and adopted by the general public.

The TED talk by ‘David Pogue’ – the technology columnist New York Times is very insightful, musical and outright funny.

Don’t miss this one. He talks about customer support to software upgrade and Microsoft to Google offering examples of products that celebrate the power of simplicity.

This I feel is one of the funniest talks I have seen at TED and is very informative while still being entertaining and funny.

But disagree on the drop-down list of countries design; there are many better ways of handling this. Like intelligently (ip to geo mapping) selecting the user’s country and providing option to user to edit it were in it would provide the drop-down list. And since this list are sorted alphabetically; one can type the first letter to get to the appropriate position in the list.

Apr '05 - Web Site Closed

Hello all, after more than 5 years, I have decided to close down my web site. This has been a difficult decision after all the work I have done, but it is necessary. My friends and I started this site when we were in college and we have put in a lot of hard work. But due to my other commitment and work engagements, I have not been able to give it any time it deserves.

Thanks to all my visitors and thanks for all the supportive e-mail over the years.

The email service will be available for some more time (its recommended that all users move your self to other email system soon like and can be accessed using the following url: OR

The SocketTest program is now available at

Feb '05

but it rained

Check out ‘parikrama’ rock band from India.. they have some amazing stuff :-).. this ones is one of my fav. ‘but it rained