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Jun '05

WebStart for SocketTest

JSocketTestust made a webstart version of SocketTest available, Start It now!

SocketTest is a java tool for socket testing. It can create both TCP and UDP client or server. It can be used to test any server or client that uses TCP or UDP protocol to communicate. You can download it here.


Trying out Solaris 10

After I heard that Solaris is now open source and was made free, I decided to take a look into one of the most admired OS for server side computing. So I went to sun‘s site for Solaris 10, and download the 5 images of installation CD and burnt them.

The system requirements look to be a bit too much i.e. you will need minimum of 256 MB of RAM to get a GUI interface. And for Java Desktop you will need 512MB RAM. Installation is pretty smooth like a Windows installation. And Java Desktop looks good and makes you comfortable. Only problem is no much GUI based system utility to change system settings like in windows and you will need to know the file names where setting are stored and have to edit them manually. This happened when I tried to configure my DNS for internet access. So it should just matter of time to just get used to this way of working with the os, but I am like it  :)

So then after a few days, I got a email about Sun’s seminar on Solaris 10 in Bangalore and registered for it and finally attended it. It was a long time since I had ever attended seminars since I used to be busy at office. So I and my friend headed to the seminar, but by the time I reached the venue it was jam packed and people were standing.. it was nice to know there were so many people who wanted to know more on Solaris in Bangalore. So then a new row of chair was added and I got my self a seat.

Seminar had a good presentation and learned about the new features offered on Solaris and I liked DTrace and Container features and though it was pretty sleek. So looking forward to test it out and also found extensive documentation on the internet and that was an added bonus.

Jun '05

FireFox trick to kill unwanted images/ads

FireFoxI have been playing around with FireFox for some time now and recently found a nice trick.. if you visit any site regularly and find that it displays images that irritate you or you don’t like to be displayed, just right click on the images and choose “Block images from ..” this will block all images coming from that site.. this is really cool and helps to browse faster.