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May '10

Sunrise | Sharavati

Sunrise | Sharavati, originally uploaded by akshath.

Shot near Jog Falls, Karnataka, India.

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Mar '08

Financial Reflections - One Light

Check out this out of the camera image by Cesar T. Sanchez. This is pure brilliance and amazing execution.. do think about how this was done .. before you check this setup shot.

Mar '08

A quick start guide to Strobisim

Many people do not dare to experiment with light or use their flash and feel flash is bad and run away from it. While few others try to learn how to use their flash but find it difficult or get lost in the pool of information that they find them self with.

May a times people have asked me were they can learn about lighting and I have a standard answer i.e, I refer them to David Hobby’s blog at Strobist and tell them its one stop place to lighting nirvana.

So why am I writing this? Good question.., the thing is that if you remember your first day at college.. one can easily get lost in the vast campus.. something similar happened to me at ‘University of Light’ run by our dear professor David. And I have the feeling that I am not alone here since may of my friends also said the same that they had got lost in the pool of information that’s available at Strobist. Though the site has lot of information it is organized differently and it takes time to get the hang of it.

So here I would like to help you my fellow photographer in your pursuit of light by providing you with a quick start guide to Strobisim. So what this will do is tell in a very basic form what Strobism is and what are its principals and what it can do for you and your photography. So once you get a taste of this you have to go to our Strobist for more of this and I bet you will be around there for a very long time to come.

Below you can see few of my photographs that use technique that I have learnt at Strobist; this should give you some idea.

So who is this for?

This article is for any one who has a decent camera that would allow manual mode (can control aperture and shutter independently) and would like to learn about lighting to improve his photography. Your camera should also have a hotshoe or ‘pc*1 sync function’ to allow use of external flash. I will assume that you have basic understanding of a camera operation and know what a aperture or shutter is. If you like to brush up your skills do go through this excellent tutorial by Jodie Coston @ Here we would be learning basis of light and how to control it and this is not for people looking for everything auto .. stuff like ttl .. so if you are looking for it then you are better off searching in google.

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Jun '05

FireFox trick to kill unwanted images/ads

FireFoxI have been playing around with FireFox for some time now and recently found a nice trick.. if you visit any site regularly and find that it displays images that irritate you or you don’t like to be displayed, just right click on the images and choose “Block images from ..” this will block all images coming from that site.. this is really cool and helps to browse faster.