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Feb '08

Tabebuia at Cubbon Park

With few friends I recently (Dec 2007) went to Cubbon Park, in Bangalore, to shoot Tabebuia flowers that had painted the city and park in pink.

The park was beautiful with its pink(Tabebuia impetiginosa) Tabebuia everywhere and the green grass on the ground and blue sky to complement. We enjoyed shooting the morning joggers and flowers.

princesWe were then greeted by a friendly golden colored dog – ‘Princess’ with her master; after few friendly talk with its master.. we tried a lot to convince the Princes to pose for us or at least stay still.. but looks like she was very shy and every time the camera was in her face.. she would turn away. Luckily I was finally able to get one decent shot of this beautiful lady before she finally turned away and went with her master.

The Tabebuia picture was shot with the help of fellow photographer Sowmya; whom we made pose for us under the beautiful Tabebuia tree.

The ‘lonely park’ picture was shot in early morning and then converted to black and white. I then added a cooling filter in ps to give it a moon light effect and add some lonely feeling. Being one of the Strobist followers; it helps to identify and appreciate play of light and shadow. This skill helped me here to compose this shot in mind before I pressed the shutter release.

All pictures here are shot with Sigma 17-70 lens on Canon 350D SLR.

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  1. Basavaraj Says:

    hi Akshath,

    tht seen is super i cont belive a cubbon park pick becoz i.e unable to guess in bangolre we have an amazing places even we dont knw.

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