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Mar '08

bring the world together | wish

Jehane Noujaim’s wish: “I wish to bring the world together for one day a year through the power of film.

In this hopeful talk, 2006 TED Prize winner Jehane Noujaim unveils her wish: a global acceptance of diversity, mediated through the power of film. The first step? Getting people to understand each other. In 2003, Noujaim gained access to both sides of the story of the Iraq war for her film Control Room, a dichotomy she illustrates with provocative clips of Al Jazeera journalist Sameer Khader and U.S. press officer Josh Rushing.

Noujaim ends by outlining her plans for Pangea Day, an event in which people all over the world can watch the same films at the same time. Watch the video for full talk.

Below are a few the Pangea Day trailer …


So mark this day “May 10, 2008″ and be part of Pangea Day.

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