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Jan '08

Flickr - history

FlickrAn idea on a gaming project led to photo website - Flickr. Check the history of Flickr @ USAToday website.

Also do check the study of technology that drives it at

3 Responses to “Flickr - history”

  1. Dragomir Says:

    Man it is hard to track you down. I am interested into QS and development of the application based on it. Would you be interested to assembe the team to do it or can you recomend someone?
    Also I would like to know what is happening with QS? Did you guys abandon project?

    Please find time to answer my post.


  2. akshath Says:

    Sorry; if you had tried to contact me earlier; but I don’t remember getting any email from you.

    its nice to know you are interested in QuickServer and would be developing application based on it. i would recommend you a small team of people(2-3) good in basic java and with some basic knowledge of io, threads and networking. You may post details about your requirement at the QuickServer forum.

    About current status of QuickServer; right now I am working (though I am heavily delayed due to heavy work at my office and my new interest in photography) on fixing few bugs in nio mode and adding support for ssl in nio. I am planning to invest more time on QuickServer this year and release new version soon.

  3. Dragomir Says:

    Unfortunately any mail attemt to your email fails from Canada. DNS is not able to resolve that. For whatever reason. I get your mail just moment ago. Please send another one with yahoo or google mail or something else.


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