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May '08

Strobist MeetUp @ Srirangapatna

in search of light.. by akshath, on FlickrTo take things forward from my post ‘A quick start guide’ some time back… I would be organizing a Strobist MeetUp with some fellow photographers at Srirangapatna, so we could share and improve our lighting skills.

Date: Planning the event for Sunday the 25th of May 2008 (full day).
Place and location: Amblee Holiday Resort, Srirangapatna

Number of people in will be at most 9 photographers divided in 3 groups of 3 photographers.

At least one flash with remote trigger (PW or GI or cable or other) is required. This would make things much easier on exchanging gears if needed.

Also some models for TFCD (time for CD photo shoots)/ PFT (time for print) with a released signed for each participant would be more than welcome.

Sign up @

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