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May '08

Shots from Bangalore Strobist MeetUp

The Strobist meet up was great; though we started bit slow, we soon picked up momentum and we were kicking some serious watt power.

This was a great learning for everyone and we all had a good time. Thanks everyone for making this happen.

Couple of shots from the shoot..

Do click on the images to find the details on how it was shot like lighting setup.

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3 Responses to “Shots from Bangalore Strobist MeetUp”

  1. David Hobby Says:

    Bangalore! Cool!

    If you guys get a large enough group to merit a lighting seminar, I would so love to get out there!

    Thanks for the cool shots.

    -David Hobby

  2. akshath Says:

    :) wow.. its nice to get comment from you David;

    Sure, we have a large group of very enthusiastic photographer here in Bangalore and we will be a large Strobist group very soon. I would be looking forward to attending the lighting seminar by you here in Bangalore.

  3. shetty Says:

    good in india no one is bothered abt copyright ;-(

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